Conversations in Cyberspace

by Giulio D'Agostino

Conversations in Cyberspace is a collection of insights on the current state of security and privacy in the Internet world. Contains interviews with Gregory Walton, Robert Lee and members of Atlayo, Galaxy9/3, Cicada3301, Anonymous and TheUnknowns.

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What's Inside

The book contains a brief introduction to some of the most used open-source intelligence (OSINT) tools and a selection of interviews with some of the key figures in industrial control systems (ICS), advanced persistent threat (APT) and online/deep web members organizations. 

It aims to be an introduction to the relationships between security, OSINT and the vast and complex world hiding in the deep web. The information provided will be beneficial to security professionals and system administrators interested in exploring today’s concerns in database design, privacy and security-by-design, and deep web members organizations, including Cicada 3301, the Unknowns, Anonymous, and more.

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"Deep Web Tools"

A review of some of the most common tools used by hackers to run reports on users and companies: Citadel, ElcomSoft, EnCase, Kali Linux, Maltego and Metasploit.

CHAPTER 2 - Conversation #1

A Conversation with Greg Walton

During May 2018 I had the chance to meet Gregory Walton at Trinity Col- lege campus in Dublin, Ireland. We had a brief chat about the current state of Tibetan NGO, Dharamsala and the ShadowNet investigations.

CHAPTER 2 - Conversation #2

A Conversation with DeadWarrior420

A conversations with Grey Hat hacker DeadWarrior420 on Galaxy9 (aka Galaxy2 or 3), the infamous dark web social network.

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CHAPTER 2 - Conversation #3  

A Conversation with KelvinSecTeam

Cyber-security firm doxxes hacker who sold MySpace and Dropbox databases in 2016. Recorded Future claims Tessa88's identity is a 29-year-old Russian named Maksim Vladimirovich Donakov.

CHAPTER 2 - Conversation #4

A Conversation with the Stg

Cicada3301 is rather a movement more than a group, much like Anonymous. Cicada3301 is known to be a "group" that collects genius’s from many different disciplines. They leaders remain anonymous, and hold Privacy sacred.

CHAPTER 2 - Conversation #5

A Conversation with Mr. Security

This monologue from Mr. Security (TheUnkowns) is the result of a random e-mail I have received on my Tor2Box account after posting the following comment on the Dark Web social network Atlayo.

About the Author

Giulio D'Agostino

Giulio D'Agostino

Giulio D’Agostino is a system administrator, entrepreneur and cyber security consultant with more than twenty years’ experience in the cloud computing, software as a service, and publishing fields. Previously employed by Google, Apple, Hewlett Packard and, Giulio has lectured at the Technical University of Denmark – DTU, Griffith College Dublin, Web Summit 2016/2017, worked as Irish Tech News contributor and he is currently working as system administrator for SaaS and cloud-based remote connectivity services company LogMeIn Inc.