About Giulio.

I am a technologist, innovator, and intrapreneur with over 20 years of experience in the technology and entertainment businesses. My books on technology, popular science and business are published by Business Experts Press, Momentum Press, O'Reilly Media, Harvard Press and available at Barnes & Nobles, Amazon and Academia.edu 

I host the bi-weekly podcast Conversations In Cyberspace (available on Spotify, iTunes and Google Play) and work as system administrator for SaaS and cloud-based remote connectivity services provider LogMeIn Inc.  


A whopping 93 per cent of survey respondents stated they continue to take care of shadow IT, and half cited lack of security controls and misconfigurations as contributing to data breaches and fraud. Download my FREE eBook 'Shadow IT 2019" to know more.



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Did you know that only 1% of the world’s population ever publishes a book? I am a professional non-fiction writer and I can guarantee you that the best investment you can do right now to either growth your career, your company or your personal brand is to write and publish a book.

No matter what you write a book about, becoming a published author boosts your professional authority. 

I will teach you how to create a professional-quality, ready-to-sell book. Start now.

Writing Time

Strategies for boosting productivity, time management for writers. The more you plan, the less you’ll need to edit.

Find Your Voice

Your writer’s voice is what makes it possible for someone to pick up a page of text and recognize that you wrote it. Learn how to develop your voice and how to overcome the fear of making mistakes.

Developing the Story

Every story has a big idea. Learn how to find a big idea that’s meaningful to you.


Business and marketing skills including web and social media strategies, lead pages, funnels and newsletter tutorials.


Giulio gives advice about the editing process, including why it’s important to take time away from a project and to get feedback from a trusted reader.

One to One Coaching

I coach internationally online and can also offer in-person sessions on request. All coaching includes full email support between sessions.

My Promise

I have more than 20 years experience as coach and mentor for Writers, Entrepreneurs and Startups, specializing in career development for those writers who wish to get a publishing deal, develop a professional online presence and achieve success in their life. This is the core of my work.

Take Your Life To The Next Level.

Don't wait for the 'right time'. There will never be the perfect time to write a book. I promise you, it will never come. You need to write a book now because no better time is coming. 

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